Accounting Services for Companies

Our full subscription accounting package includes:


  • Preparation of accounting policy of the company and preparation of an individual chart of accounts;
  • Adoption, review and classification and processing of primary accounting documents;
  • Possibility to issue invoices on behalf of the client (by mutual agreement);
  • Preparation and registration of the company under the VAT Act;
  • Processing the cash and bank payments of the Trustee;
  • Creation of secondary accounting documents and registers according to the current legislation;
  • Adoption and classification of the Trust's long-term assets, compilation of accounting and tax depreciation plan, calculation of the amortization due;
  • Accounting for the costs of salaries, social security and taxes;
  • Monthly preparation of the purchase and sales diaries and the VAT-VAT return and submission by electronic means;
  • Preparation and submission of Intrastat declarations
  • Accounting for inventories;
  • Consultancy in accounting matters;
  • Compilation of annual accounts;
  • Preparation of the necessary documents and inquiries for inspections and audits carried out concerning the periods during which the Office was responsible for the accounting service of the Trustee;


Staff and Payroll

  • Preparation of all documents related to the reception of a new employee;
  • Preparation of employment contracts, supplementary agreements, leave orders, penalties and termination of employment;
  • Registration of signing, amendment and termination of employment contracts by electronic means at the NRA;
  • Compilation of payroll and salary slips, information about the insured persons and taxes, information about the insured persons (D1), information about the due insurance (D6) and their submission to the NRA;
  • Calculation of the due fees of employees on non-labor relations;
  • Creation of payment orders for the obligations of the Trustee to the budget;
  • Accepts, classifies, handles the delivered hospital sheets, creates lists and escorts for NSSI;
  • Issuance of official notes on the length of service and income of the Trustee's staff to the NSSI, the Labor Office, NRA, the Agency for Social Assistance and other budget offices. Documents shall be issued within the statutory terms, upon submission of a written request by the Trustee
  • Issuing and certifying the employment records of the Trust Company's staff;
  • Consultations on labor law and insurance cases.



  • Determining the amount of tax under current tax laws. Preparation and filing of tax returns, VAT records, protocols, VIES declarations;
  • Compilation and accounting of payment documents for payments to the budget;
  • Filing and filing of tax returns;
  • Tax protection and representation, as well as inquiries required by the tax authorities regarding inspections and audits;
  • Tax consultancy.


Year completion

  • Compilation of annual financial report on NFRSSME and IAS with all necessary applications;
  • Drawing up an annual activity report for the needs of NSI and NRA and submitting it electronically;
  • Drawing up an annual tax return and submitting it electronically to the NRA;
  • Presentation of the annual reports to their legal recipients - NRA, NSI, Trade Register, Ministry of Justice, etc.
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